City Public Service, San Antonio’s Energy Monopoly, Threatens to disconnect my service

I bought the house I live in back in 2006 (March/April, don’t remember exactly) and realized the electricity meter was messed up. I called CPS and notified them of this, they have it on file, sometime around September of 2006 if I remember correctly.

The CSR was fairly rude and eventually told me there was nothing wrong with the meter, I didn’t know what I was talking about, and they wouldn’t replace the meter. I left it at that, thinking I had done my part as a happy customer of CPS. Fast forward to May of 2010, someone came out and replaced my meter, stating it was bad. September 10th, I received a letter stating I’m being billed $693.08 for my unbilled usage from November 2009 through April 2010, but their rules & regulations only allow them to bill for three (3) months.
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So in previous entries, I’ve documented my refund procedures.

They approved it, but said they’d have to mail a check, due to ‘technical issues’. I never received it, so I logged back into their chat and was told they cannot mail a check either, to contact my bank for refund.

He (owner) gets away with the cash, and our bank(s) are forced to refund our money. Can anyone say scam?

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I mailed in the refund request form July 9th. Per the paperwork, it said I should get my refund after two weeks. Well, today’s the two week mark, so I fired up their live person chat.

Much to my surprise, they said my refund was approved. However, due to “technical issues”, they aren’t able to send it back to my credit card and must mail me a check, thus having to wait 2 more weeks. The chat person actually ‘asured’ me I’d have the theck the first week of August. I guess we’ll see.

Below is the recent chat transcript

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I use the word illegal loosely, as I am no lawyer and don’t know the laws.

So after actively trying to win a Cannon T1i, Apple iPad, and various other items on the website, I have run out of bids. I printed the refund request form and filled it out. It basically has three requirements:

  • Must actively participate in auctions.
  • Must us all bids credited to your account upon the purchase of your membership
  • “If you have not won an auction with, us the completed request form along with the email receipt to receive a refund. If you need more assistance with obtaining a refund, please contact us via our LiveChat service.” Verbatim, from the form.

After checking my bid history over the last week, I’ve realized it gets wiped. Perhaps this is their strategy to indicate you have not participated in any auctions. I counter this, I printed out my current bid history, which consists of 11 pages, 155 bids. I do have my original e-mail, which sadly has my password in plain text, so I printed it, as instructed, and marked out the password. Also worried they may claim I’ve won something, I printed the ‘My Information’ page you get when you first log in that states I have zero bids, zero unclaimed auction wins, zero claimed auction wins, zero daily prizes, and zero monthly prizes. It also includes my name, address, customer ID, and other various things requested on the refund request form.

Now, my plan is to send this in and NEVER log back in to again. Not only because I feel they’re a scam, but I also know that every day you log in, you get 60 bids. If I log in, I’ll get 60 bids, thus no longer be at zero. To curb my possible thoughts of logging in, I generated a rather long random alpha-numeric key, did a copy & paste into the change password field, changed my password and logged out. I then quickly cleared my clipboard by copying the letter ‘A’ so I cannot retrieve the password.

I also opened another chat with the lovely people of LivePerson about the time frames and requirements of the refund. I basically clarified that I could send it in any time before the 90 days.

I’m going to document everything I’m doing on video so when I send it in, I have hard copies, as well as a video of everything I sent in. Then I will contact my bank, let them know what’s going on (already asked about the possible scam transaction), and keep them posted if I do not get a refund.

Anyway, so here’s the chat log:
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So yes, I was duped by the penny auction site known as

A simple search would have yielded plenty of information needed to know this, but when I went to sign up, in red letters it said “only 3 minutes to sign up!” Thinking this was something like demonoid torrent (sp?), I quickly signed up using the code SB25WAL, which was supposed to get me a $25 Wal-Mart gift card and 1000 extra bids. What I didn’t know was they charged you $150 right off the bat and gave you 300 bids (essentially, you buy 300 bids to join). Now my account did show 1300 bids, and charged my card immediately. I looked around, bid on some stuff, realized it’s kind of tough to win. I started searching and found some people who actually won the T1i I wanted to win, except were blocked from the site and not able to pay for their item. After a few weeks, my $25 gift card never showed up, so I started a chat session with the people, and I warn you, it’s quite long.

I do feel they’re rolling auctions, since they talk about not doing it so much. At any rate, I feel a lawsuit should be in order, at the least to check the validity of all users in their system, and then to check to see who actually got their $25 gift card that was promised. I never did, and was asked to bid on and win gift cards. They want you to win because then you cannot get a refund. There’s a thing that states if you actively participate in auctions and never win, using up all your initial bids, you can get a full refund. In the chat, the person stated that is my $150.

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